Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Random Thoughts

Clearly my idea about writing more frequently with less content wasn't exactly a slam dunk. It's been a month since I sat at this computer to type a blog entry and to be perfectly honest I don't really feel like writing now. But I made a promise to myself that I would chronicle my asian adventures as much as possible since there is an expiration date on my time here.

It's been a whirlwind month filled with meeting new people and welcoming friends from a past life to Hong Kong. My dear friend and her hubby moved from London to Hongkers and having her here has made living in Hong Kong even more incredible. There's something about true friendships that make everything so much more fun. Even the most mundane things are better shared with girlfriends and I've been lucky to have found a great little niche of them here in HK. I want to give them a 'shout out' because without them my time here wouldn't be the same...Longo, Jules, Ash, Tijana, Monica, Eren and V you ladies make my world go round!

As for new friends, already this week I met an authentic Italian Stallion at our Monday night mussels dinner. It was mostly Americans but we had two Frenchies in attendance and last time there was a girl from the Netherlands. Anyway, the stallion's name is "P" (I don't want to write his full name to protect the innocent) and he educated all of us on Italian culture and language. I was my typical spastic self and prodded him with question after question. He was a gentleman and answered them all - even when I asked if most Italian men cheat on their wives....for those of you wondering the answer was YES. He is coming over to my flat next weekend to teach the Americans how to cook risotto and make homemade cannolis. It's going to be so much fun and Devin is really excited for his first cooking class :)

I also met a cool kid from Montana a few weeks ago. He's been living in Germany for almost 5 years and is spending two months in HK before moving to NYC. We randomly met at a bar and he's been indoctrinated into the American Dream Team using a temporary membership pass. So many people have similar stories - sometimes it feels like I got a late start living my ideal life because I was afraid or too cautious or too concerned about what other people would think to take life by the horns and go for what I really wanted - but as the saying goes "it's better late than never." Too bad I am not 25 and just starting this adventure...although at that age I wouldn't be able to afford to live in the sewer on the Kowloon side!

A few weeks ago I also went to my first rugby tourney with my friend James from London. What an incredible experience! It was the Australian Wallabys versus the NZ All Blacks and I had no idea what to expect. While I tried my best to pay attention to the game (James gave me a play by play so I could learn the rules) it just wasn't meant to be. All my pictures are of these gorgeous, athletic, muscular men wearing short shorts - in other words I was in heaven. My new crush is on a guy named Daniel Carter who is apparently quite the hearthrob in NZ. The Wallabys ended up winning in the last 3 minutes of the game but from what I've been told it was at least a good match. The funniest part of this story is that it was cool at the end of the game so I put on my zip-up jacket...which was a South Africa Springboks warmup and one of the Wallabys and All Blacks biggest rivals. James wanted to KILL me!!! Oops.

Just as things started getting a little dull in Hongkers, 8 of us are heading to Taiwan for the weekend to dip in the hot springs, eat Taiwanese dumplings, shop at the night markets and go clubbing. Yes, you read that correctly - apparently I am going "clubbing" this weekend to learn how to 'pop and lock' from none other than Jules herself! It sounds dangerous but she keeps telling me it won't hurt. We will see about that! It's going to be a crazy, fun-filled weekend and I am even more stoked that Kevin is coming back from London to accompany us on this adventure! Now if only I could find something appropriate to wear.

However, as much as I like living out here it's far from perfect. I am increasingly frustrated by the fact that many HKers can't walk in a straight line. They do the 'bob and weave' on busy sidewalks because they are too busy texting while walking. Seriously people - get out of the way! And can we talk about how S...L...O...W they walk? I totally understood why when it was 500 degrees with 800% humidity this summer but now that it's cooled off there's no good explanation. I've also started carrying my camera with me at all times because this city is great for random photo opps - you should see some of the wardrobe selections! I must have missed the memo that states Hello Kitty clothing is cool for adults!? And if I see one more skinny Asian woman chowing down on noodles, fried rice and fatty beef chunks I am going to scream. How do they stay so thin and beautiful when they eat like garbage? It must be all the green tea...

It's getting late but before I sign off I want to say please don't send anymore 100-calorie packs unless you want me to gain 100 pounds. All other gifts are welcomed and appreciated :) Does anyone write letters or cards anymore???

LP - T minus 30 days before you touch down in Hong Kong and we begin our adventure
Jess - send more pics of Jack
T Bone - I am calling you tomorrow morning my time
Jules - get healthy
Tina - where's my invitation?
Joyce - I miss you more each day
Apes - where the hell are you girlfriend

Love and miss M&D, Michelle and Abbie.


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  1. LOVED LOVED LOVED the part about being a late bloomer. Better late than never indeed -- and you wouldn't who you are if you hadn't had all your other Stateside experiences along the way. Thanks for the update and keep up the good work!!!