Sunday, October 9, 2011

It's About Time

It feels like years since I wrote anything in my blog and in fact, it has been almost six months since my last entry. It's amazing to think back to the June gloom of this year and realize all is right in my world again. All I can say is thank goodness for family, close friends, the most amazing boss and colleagues. If it looks like a dog, acts like a dog and barks like a dog --- chances are it's a dog. Lesson learned!!!

There are a few reasons for the writing hiatus but most importantly it's because I've been enjoying life here in Asia and haven't been home much to sit down and get my thoughts together. There have been some pretty late nights  (or early mornings depending on how you choose to see it) and fun memories that will last a lifetime. One of my favorites is the night we went to an African bar and Long lost her shoe. She didn't even realize it until the next day and still can't remember where she left it! Another funny thing happened while I was at dinner with my UK friends. We usually end up spending a portion of the night talking about cultural differences so let's just say "hoody-free" is the way forward! I am so thankful for Kath, James, Helen and Susan. Like I said, some very late nights and lots of stories...

There have been lots of trips too. 

A trip to Guilin, China with Long, Devin and Sky where we sailed down the Li River and saw a dismembered hand in the water (ewwwww). We also rode a go-kart contraption through a mountain and climbed waterfalls wearing hard helmets and traditional Chinese sandals. We looked HOT. NOT.

There was an overnight "girls only" jaunt to Macau with Kelly, Eren and Darcy where we planned to gamble away our paychecks and shake our tail feathers. We ended up pretty much eating our way through Macau instead but I wouldn't have it any other way. I owe those girls for putting the smile back on my face. I am also proud to report that my stomach contents stayed where they belonged on the ferry ride to and from Macau...I think my sea-sickness is finally subsiding.

There were a couple of days in Shanghai with Darcy to see the FINA world swimming championships and meet an Olympic medalist (I heart Mike and Serbia). Darcy got major brownie points for even going on the trip because she didn't know much about the sport of swimming -but after getting to see up close and personal why I always say male swimmers (and rugby players) have the best bodies she became an instant fan. Did I mention I heart Mike and Serbia???

Then there was the incredible weekend in Korea with my Seoul Sisters Tory (aka Helen Keller because the girl cannot see a darn thing without her contacts) and Darcy where we toured the DMZ with four incredible US special forces guys and got a personal tour of Seoul city from our friend CY. It became one of my favorite places in Asia because the men are tall, they love Americans and they have Dunkin' Donuts!!!! We ate our way through Seoul too - bibimbap, Korean BBQ, chicken ginseng soup and shaved ice with fruit. Seoul has soul.

Most recently there was the killer holiday to the Greek islands with one of the BFFs and my partner in crime, AT. She flew from NYC and I flew from Hong Kong to "meet in the middle" and relax for 10 days. Athens, Rhodes and Santorini were all incredible but Santorini stole my heart. The scenery is breathtaking and views from the Caldera never get old. The whitewashed buildings and azure seas are a perfect contrast to one another and the food is delish. I've never eaten so poorly in my life and felt so good about it! The people are friendly and warm and they work to live not live to work. You would never know their country is facing bankruptcy from the way they celebrate life everyday. It's the simple things in life that matter most and spending time there was a great reminder of that. It was truly magical.

Things at work are going great. I couldn't ask for a better group of women to work alongside everyday. They work incredibly hard and do what it takes to get the job done well. Thanks Joycey, Lynda, Miranda, and "P" for making work so much fun and for including me in the Chinese mafia! I am also learning a TON about the Cantonese culture and even picked up a few more Canto words (which makes them laugh because my pronunciation is awful). 

My boss is a ROCK STAR. She's an incredible manager with the funniest sense of humor (she's Irish so it's in her blood to be funny). There's not a week that goes by where I don't want to write down one of her expressions - "crazier than a box of frogs" was last week's and this week was "nice Tim dim Tim" used to describe someone stupid. She is a direct, candid, no BS kind of person which I admire and she cares about the people on her team. Thanks M for being you!!!

I promised myself to keep this short and not bore everyone with a play by play of what I've been doing the last six months but did want to share some of what's been going on since people ask why I stopped blogging. I am back and better than ever!

More to come soon.