Saturday, March 5, 2011

There's Nothing Like a Visit From Mom

It seems like time goes by so much faster here. I can't figure out why but I swear it's true. It already feels like months ago that my adorable mom and her friend "B" came to visit before embarking on their 2-week China excursion. Does anyone else think it's a little weird that my mom and her friend saw mainland China before I did yet I am the one living in Hong Kong?!

Thank goodness I created a detailed excel spreadsheet with itineraries for each day (LP would be so proud) to keep the Pats busy while I was at work. They saw the Peak, Man Mo temple, and the botanical gardens and visited a nunnery, the markets and the tea house museum to name a few. 

Tidewater ladies consider yourselves warned - they are bringing instructions on how to hold a proper tea ceremony which means you will all get roped into participating :)

I also made sure they ate well since I wasn't sure what they would be eating in China. We had DTF (Taiwanese dumplings) with the ADT and dim sum for lunch with V and Longo. Both Pats did really well using chopsticks and my mom even ate chicken feet...and liked them! We also had fish and chips at one of my favorite Belgian restaurants and my mom got a little tipsy off ONE beer and ONE espresso martini. Like mother like daughter!!!

Me, Mom & "B" with V and Longo @ Maxim's for dim sum

Mom & Me @ Frite's w/ the ADT and Kevy!
The Pat's split their sleeps between my flat and a hotel. I have to admit I was a little concerned at first since my place is a whopping 700 sq. ft. and I am used to being on my own but it was a welcomed change and I was sad to see them go. It kind of reminded me of living in a dorm again except we were going to bed at the time I used to leave to go out! It's amazing how much my life has changed in "10 couple" years. I had a great college experience and wouldn't change anything about it but I am glad it's in my past...I feel bad for the many people living in HK who are still trying to be 24. Pathetic!

The "Pats" in their bed in my living room

Another highlight of A&Bs trip was the traditional English Sunday lunch we had at Andy & Petrina's. P and her amazing mother Kate cooked a roast that was bigger than me plus stuffing, creamy potatoes, and green beans. We also ate a ridiculous amount of crackers and cheese and took down the yummy cakes for dessert. Did I mention the 47 bottles of wine we consumed? It was a lovely afternoon that was almost evently split between Americans and Brits which made for some interesting conversations!

"A and B" w/ Mommy Kate having English Lunch

The Girls at Andy & Petrina's for English lunch
(Julie, Coops, Petrina, Me, Longo)

"Pat squared," "the Pats" or "A and B" as they were affectionately called had a wonderful time in HK and loved meeting my 'family' out here - the ADT, the UK Connection, V, Frikkie and Kev. They also managed to do more in a week than most people do in a month and had really good attitudes considering the sun didn't shine until the last day (anyone who knows my mom knows she is a sun goddess so I thought she might spontaneously combust). We did manage to see the laser light show following afternoon tea at the Intercontinental w/ Frikkie - it was a great way to spend their last night in Hongkers.

It was sad to see the Pat's leave but it wasn't an overly emotional goodbye since I will see them in two months. I hope the rest of their trip was spectacular and I can't wait to hear the stories from Shanghai, Xian and Beijing. They better be taking loads of pictures!

I always knew my mom was a cool lady but the fact that she trooped over to Asia for nearly three weeks at nearly 70 years old to visit me and experience China, and probably most importantly - that she left my dad at home to fend for himself (I use that term loosely - he went to Florida with the 'guys' and has been eating at friend's houses almost every night...although he did manage to do the laundry and was quite proud of himself) makes her even more incredible.

Mom, I am so proud to be your daughter. You inspire me everyday and I love you more than words can describe. I can't wait to see you again in April!

Bones - I can't believe it will be almost a year by the time I see you. Life just isn't the same without you around to give me a hard time and to love me only the way a father can. You drive me mad but I wouldn't have it any other way. GO DUKE!

Hugs to Michelle, Abbie and the know who you are

It's time for me to sign off because I am going to a 10-hour Thai cooking class with Eren and Longo today (yes, you read that correctly). If OMM is going to work I need to learn how to cook without making people ill. Here's to hoping I don't cut off one of my digits!

Steph (aka the babysitter)

PS - 10 more sleeps until bliss. I can hardly stand it!